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Diawi is a tool for iOS developers to deploy Development and Ad hoc iOS applications directly to the device.

1. Upload the application and its provisioning profile.
2. Send the link to your testers, clients, friends or even use it yourself.
3. Open the link in Safari on the iOS device and click on install.

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    If you specify a password, it will be required to access the application page.
    The comment will be displayed on the application page. It may contain any additional information (internal version, revision information, ...).
    If you specify an e-mail, your application installation page link will be emailed directly to you.

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    What to upload ?

    Application bundle
    .ipa or .zip(.app)1

    Optionally, it is possible to add

    • a provisioning profile as a .mobileprovision file : it will be proposed for installation on the application page, it is not necessary if the profile is embedded2 in the app bundle
    • an icon in 57x57px .png format : it will be displayed on the application page instead of the icon from the app bundle3

    Application requirements

    • Built for Development or Ad hoc distribution
    • Bundle identifier, bundle version and bundle display name must be defined in Info.plist

    Device requirements

    • iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad
    • iOS 4.x or later
    • UDID must be in the provisioning profile

    How it works ?

    Diawi is based on Apple's wireless distribution model introduced in iOS 4 to allow development application installation without iTunes or even a computer.

    After the upload, Diawi creates a unique short URL to access the installation page (for ex: aBcDeF). When opened in Safari on the iOS device, the page will display a link to install the application.

    This features allows to quickly deploy applications to testers, clients, medias, bloggers or friends without the need to send large files by e-mail.

    The installation using Diawi is a lot easier than through iTunes or the iPhone Configuration Utility : a simple URL and only 1 tap is needed.

    Security & privacy

    Applications uploaded to Diawi are protected by Apple's security mecanisms and the provisioning profile : only devices that were added to the profile will be able to install the application.

    Random URLs are generated so only the person who uploaded the application to Diawi knows how to access the application installation page. No directory or search method will be available.

    To add a higher level of protection, the application installation page can be protected by a password. Define it in the upload form before clicking on Send.

    An application uploaded to Diawi will be available for installation for up to 2 weeks after the last access. Please note that the provisioning profile must be valid at the installation time.

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    1: the .app file generated by xcode on compilation is a folder, it needs to be compressed into a zip archive to be uploaded.
    2: applications build with xcode 3.2 and higher contain an embedded provisioning profile inside the app bundle, it will be installed automatically when installing the application. If you want users to install another profile, you can upload it and it will be available on the application page.
    3: diawi will automatically display the icon from the application bundle which matches or is the closest to 57x57px. If you want to use another icon, upload it and it will be displayed on the application page.