Features and Services

iOS and Android apps

Diawi works for iOS 4+ and Android 2+ apps and devices: development, ad-hoc and in-house builds can be installed wirelessly with a single tap.

As simple as drag&drop

As a developer, simply drag&drop your ipa, zipped .app or apk into the field above and get a link to send to your testers/users/blogger/friends/…

One tap app installation

Using this link on their mobile device's browser, users will be able to download and install the app with just a single tap, nothing else.

Privacy and protection

Links are private: no search or index. They can be password protected and strictly respect Apple's security rules with UDIDs and provisioning profiles.

Simple tools for device compatibility

Retrieving the UDID? Checking if the app is compatible with the users' device? Diawi provides simple tools to help with those boring tasks!

Free to start, you'll love it

Most of this is free on Diawi! But you may also get an account with a lot more features: see below…


Self-service Free account Starter plan Premium plan Enterprise plan
iOS and Android apps upload included included included included
Installation links to send to testers included included included included
Links protected by a password included included included included
Dashboard to manage uploaded apps included included included
APIs access included included included
Installation notifications included included
Installation statistics included included
Link expiration alerts & recovery included included
Full history included included
Pay-per-use add-ons Included add-ons
  • 25 x 100 installations
  • 25 x 1 month expiration
  • 25 x link customization
  • 1 x custom page
Premium add-ons +
  • Custom domain names
  • White label pages
  • Custom page URLs
  • Expedited tickets
Manage apps by any team member
Single billing for the whole team
50 MB maximum upload size 75 MB maximum upload size 250 MB + add-ons maximum upload size 1.2 GB + add-ons maximum upload size 1.2 GB + add-ons maximum upload size
1 day uploaded app expiration 3 days uploaded app expiration 7 days + add-ons uploaded app expiration 15 days + add-ons uploaded app expiration 15 days + add-ons uploaded app expiration
10 installations per app 20 installations per app 50 + add-ons installations per app 100 + add-ons installations per app 100 + add-ons installations per app
Support community chat on Gitter, Twitter Support Gitter, Twitter, tickets Support Gitter, Twitter, tickets Support priority business day tickets Support priority business day tickets
No signup 0,00€ 2,99€ / month 29,99€ / month 299,99€ / month


More app installations

Need to install your app more than 100 times? Increase the limit as much as you need.

+100 - 0,49€
+1000 - 4,99€

Longer links availability

For in-house or long-running test apps, increase links availability for as long as you need.

+1 month - 0,49€
+1 year - 4,99€

Links customizations

Change your links, re-use one for a newer version of your app, generate new ones.

1 link change - 0,29€

Increased upload size

Having a large app? Increase the upload limit by the amount you need

+500 MB - 4,99€ / month
+1 GB - 9,99€ / month


Aggregate your apps on a page, send it to your users, update it when you have a new version to display.

1 page - 0,99€ / month
1 custom address - 2,99€

Custom domain name and style

Use a subdomain of your company's website to install apps and customize the installation page.

1 domain - 4,29€ / month
https/SSL - included

White label installation page

Remove all Diawi related information from your custom domain’s installation pages.

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Expedited support ticket

Experiencing an urgent situation with an app? We can assist you within 3 business hours.

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Available to all Starter, Premium and Enterprise accounts.


Our team of app developers and app deployment experts can also provide various enterprise-level and handcrafted services: consultancy on app deployment, development of features, support on your source code, setup of continuous delivery environments, non-business days support, …

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