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What is allowed and what is forbidden on Diawi?

Diawi's primary goal is to help developers deliver their apps to their testers, teams, clients, friends, ... It may also be used for production deployment of internal apps, like "in-house" iOS apps.

Diawi is not an App Store: thus, deployment of app to the general public, wether iOS (which is forbidden by Apple) or Android, is not allowed.

  • On iOS, Diawi accepts: Development, Ad-Hoc and In-house signed apps.
  • On Android, Diawi accepts: any signed app

Of course, any kind of illegal or hamful apps, or related to any of activities like these is not allowed: any app considered as illegal will be deleted without notice, and the uploader might be held responsible.

This document is available on our public GitHub repository. Feel free to fork and send pull requests if you find any interesting information to add.