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Is there any installation limit per app on Diawi?

Diawi is mainly aimed at app developers to distribute their testing apps. Most of those apps would normally be installed a few dozen times by the testers.

We also like to support inhouse uses, so that apps can be distributed to a large number of internal users. Those apps would often be installed much more, but shouldn't most of the time exceed a few hundred times, since they must follow Apple's Enterprise rules too.

However, some apps are also trying to use Diawi for "jailbroken" or other not fair, and sometimes even illegal uses. Those generally are installed a few thousand times, and generate a very huge load on our servers. We do not support this kind of un-fair use of Diawi, since it harms other fair users.

The number of installations is therefore limited depending on the plan you use, and an option is provided for Starter, Premium and Enterprise plans to raise this limit through add-ons.

See Features & Services page for all details.

This document is available on our public GitHub repository. Feel free to fork and send pull requests if you find any interesting information to add.