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How long will links be available on Diawi?

Link availability is based on 3 conditions:

  • the date of the last installation (or the date of the upload itself if no installation has yet been made)
  • the number of installations left
  • a manual disable (when using Diawi with an account)

After one of those conditions is reached, links become "Not available", as indicated in the dashboard. They can be re-enable for a short duration depending on your plan (see below) by either adding some time to the expiration or some installations.

When the recovery period expires, links become "Gone" and files are deleted from our servers. Icons may be kept if the app has been set for display on the wall.

There is no way to re-enable an link that is "Gone" as files have been deleted. However, for Starter, Premium and Enterprise accounts, dashboard and e-mail notifications can be set up to know when a link is getting close to expiration.

See Features & Services page for more details.

Re-enable duration

Links can be re-enabled for a short duration depending on the plan:

  • Free: 1 day
  • Starter: 1 day
  • Premium: 3 days
  • Enterprise: 5 days

Links can't be re-enabled when using Diawi without an account.

This document is available on our public GitHub repository. Feel free to fork and send pull requests if you find any interesting information to add.